Vaporizer Buyers Guide

Vaporizer Buyers Guide

by Joe
01/05/17 4:25AM
Vaporizer Buyers Guide

Buyers Guide for Oil & E liquid Vapes

Are you new to vaping?  Vaping e liquids and various oils has become extremely popular for both recreational and medicinal purposes.  The oil vaporizer space has the widest range of vape options in terms of functionality and durablity.  Within this space are vape pens popular with cannabis cartridges that do not even have a button.  On the other end of the spectrum is the box mods that come with all sorts of advanced functionalities and OLED screens.  Check out this vaporizer guide to see the different options based on your needs and make an informed decision today.

by Joe
01/05/17 2:54AM

Study: Cannabis Use May Help With Night Vision

Next time you want to use your vaporizer, try doing it in the dark.  A new study purports to have found that cannabis use may play a role in improving night vision, increasing hope among patients suffering from degenerative eye diseases that treatment may soon be available. 

The study -- published in the open-access journal eLife -- reached its findings after researchers provided a synthetic cannabinoid to tadpoles of an African clawed toad, called the Xenopus laevis. The cannabinoid was applied to the toad’s’ eyes, and the researchers noted that particular cells in the retina became more sensitive to light. That then improved the speed at which the tadpoles’ eyes were able to respond to even low stimuli.

by John Winston
11/21/16 7:11AM

Dictionary of Vaporizer Terms (Part 1)

When shopping for a vaporizer, it’s difficult to know where to start. The dizzying array of options, products, and terms can leave consumers feeling bewildered and unsure of what it is they even want, let alone what the best option is.

by John Winston
11/18/16 4:20AM

THC vs. CBD: What Should I Be Vaping?

According to research, the safest way to deliver cannabis is via vaporization. This is because, unlike smoking, using a vape pen does not deliver harmful toxins into the user’s lungs; it also is not saddled with much of the uncertainty that often accompanies the consumption of cannabis-infused edibles. Additionally, unlike other methods of cannabis delivery, the effects of vaping are felt almost immediately..

by John Winston
11/18/16 4:11AM

Vapes Are Superior to One-Hitters. Here's Why.

Anyone who is a fan of cannabis can conjure about a million different ways to smoke cannabis. Enterprising cannabis enthusiasts have found a multitude of creative, sometimes ingenious ways of delivering our most favorite of God’s herbs. (Points for creativity to the awesome person who invented the apple pipe.)

by John Winston
11/10/16 6:28PM

Guide to Vaping: Vaporizer Holiday Gift Ideas

What to Think About When Buying Vapes as Gifts

Purchasing a personal vape as a gift for a loved one (or yourself, we don’t judge) can be a very confusing process. What kind of vape would they like best? Which vape perfectly matches their needs and style? What’s the budget? Fear not. We are here to shed some light on this holiday season conundrum.

by NY Vape Shop
11/01/16 9:45PM

Here are the States Set to Vote on Cannabis Legalization

If Election 2016 has done anything, it has instilled in the American public renewed senses of fear and loathing in our political system. The choices in the presidential election-- and to a lesser extent, the Congressional elections -- have managed to unite the American people around a common theme: Just let this damn thing be over already.

by John Winston
10/31/16 9:07PM

Report Finds Colorado's Cannabis Industry Worth Billions

A new report has found that cannabis legalization has resulted in something of a financial windfall for Colorado, with the economic effect of roughly $2.39 billion in 2015 alone. 

According to the study -- released Tuesday by the Denver-based Marijuana Policy Group (MPG), which specializes in economic and market research -- the legalization and regulation of recreational cannabis has also resulted in the creation of over 18,000 full-time jobs.

by John Winston
10/28/16 2:12AM

Athletes & Vaping: What are the Benefits?

As cannabis use continues to enter the mainstream, the public image of the substance is undergoing something of a makeover. Gone are the days in which cannabis users are typecast as lazy, couch-parked stoners who subsist on Doritos and continued reruns of “Robot Chicken”; these days, an increasingly diverse array of professionals are coming forward to sing the praises of cannabis and its effects on their work.

by John Winston
10/21/16 7:10PM